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Welcome to the #found campaign.

We asked some of the leading creative independent film-makers in the UK to make an ident for us.
We told them it should be about the idea of being #found. 
We said they had to include the following:
It's not acting.
It's becoming you.
Their idents can be seen below.
Think you can do better? 
Send us your ident to badth.found AT 
The deadline is 5 December. 
At the end of December, the one with the most views + likes + shares will win the competition.
And the winner will pick up a £250 cheque to donate to a charity of their choice.

#found: ident 4

Three people in a car, shown from the front looking in.

For more about Once Were Farmers,

Their chosen charity - should they win the competition - is the Calm Zone (

#found: ident 3

Caption on red background reading "We provide space for you"

For more about arc172,

Their chosen charity - should they win the competition - is Shooting Star Chase (

#found: ident 2

Caption reads "Find the real you". Placed over a blurred shot of a persons feet wearing shoes whilst standing on pavement.

For more about Chocolate Films,

Their chosen charity - should they win the competition - is Building for the Future (

#found: ident 1

Man painting portrait of a person wearing a papier mache head. Both are seated on a beach.

For more about Shy Camera,

Their chosen charity - should they win the competition - is Grassroots Suicide Prevention (

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